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Ellynne Skove MA, LCAT,BC- DMT, NCC, RPP,


Ellynne is a New York state licensed Movement therapist, nationally certified counselor,yoga teacher, and Polarity therapist. In 2010 Ellynne completed additional graduate studies in Pre and Peri Natal Psychology at The Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. She has worked for over 30 years with pregnant women, parents, babies, children, and adults. Ellynne studied developmental movement/Dynamic Anatomy with the late Nancy Topf for 15 years, Body/Mind CenteringBrain Gym and Yoga for the Special Child. She received her 200 hour yoga teacher certification from OM Yoga and studied PreNatal Yoga with Ma Yoga & Janice Clarfield, Mommy & Me Yoga with Jyohti Larson. She is recently certified in Baby Wearing, and as a Breastfeeding Counselor.

In her work with babies and parents, Ellynne has worked on the staffs of  The Motherhood Center, Families First, RealBirth, The Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Birthday Presence, The Battery Park City Conservancy, PreNatal Yoga Center, & Wild Was Mama. She has presented programs in developmental movement, yoga, and polarity therapy for The American Dance Therapy Association, The American Polarity Therapy Association, The Association for Pre & Perinatal Psychology & Health, Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy Association, Area Yoga, Vira Yoga, Child Light Yoga, Druna, Pentacle, The Open Center Polarity Program, and The Lotus Project’s production of Eve Ensler’s, The Vagina Monologues. Additionally, over the past two decades, Ellynne has served as a consultant and faculty member for numerous New York City schools specializing in early intervention and special education. She supervises graduate students from Pratt, Antioch, and Sarah Lawrence Colleges. Ellynne teaches professional trainings in The Czech Republic as well as the U.S.A. Ellynne has presented at the NYC Museum of Motherhood and has been a guest member of the NGOs, OMEAP, & CEPPS, at the United Nations. Ellynne is a strong proponent of prenatal communication, and conscious parenting. She is available for pregnancy and fertility counseling, as well as prenatal bonding, bodywork, and birth trauma resolution.

Ellynne chaired the 2012 & 2013 International Birth Psychology Congresses.

Professional Affiliations: New York Perinatal Assoc. (NYSPA), Coalition to Improve Maternity Services (CIMS), Choice in Childbirth (CIC), Association for Pre & Perinatal Psychology & Health (APPPAH), American Polarity Therapy Assoc.(APTA), American Dance Therapy Assoc.(ADTA), Nationally Certified Counselors (NCC), and Help, Understand, Guide Your Baby (HUG)