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Vicky Jeter, PPNE, LSP

Trained spiritual support, assisting people is sorting out challenges incorporating their beliefs as a basis for strengthening how they feel and their options about any given challenge they are navigating. Vicky offers mini sessions to get a feel how she works with individuals.


Vicky has been a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner through Centers for Spiritual Living for 30 years. Using unique combinations of conviction in faith, applied universal creative principles, awareness of pre- and perinatal considerations, compassion and self-empowerment tools for stability and health in each client, Vicky has assisted hundreds of people to embrace expanded consciousness and healing and realize their dreams. 

Vicky is an experienced teacher, facilitator and motivational speaker in the Science of Mind teaching and she has been a trainee in pre- and perinatal awareness with Dr. William Emerson for 17 years. Vicky is a Pre- and Perinatal Educator (PPNE), with a certificate through the Association for Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Health. In addition, Vicky is a published author of her autobiographical account of her own healing in her first book, Call Me Victoria: Life Poems and Stories from Trial to Triumph, published in 2012. She has also published a number of stories, articles and reviews for periodicals and magazines on a variety of topics and themes.

You Are Invited to a Virtual Circle of Stones Women’s Gathering

When: Saturday, May 23, 2020, 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm EST. (You may come and go as needed)

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There Is No Fee to Attend: A donation basket will be available to cover expenses.

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