Wendy Ann McCarthy

Wendy Ann McCarty

Holistic Nurse Baccalaureate–Board Certified, Diplomat Comprehensive Energy Psychology

A global multidimensional visionary mentor, teacher, and consultant for families having babies and professionals who support them for over 40 years. She specializes in the evolutionary wisdoms, principles and practices to support the Luminous BabyTM at the beginning of life, to create a Luminous Pregnancy, Birth and BeyondTM, and to follow the self-realization path of Love-Sourced MotheringTM.


In her innovative transpersonal intuitive practice with mothers and babies during the pre-conception, prenatal, birth and newborn period, she helps to:

  • Resolve old wounds and patterns to be as free and unencumbered as possible
  • Transform current difficulties, such as anxiety, fear, grief, and overwhelm, into more positive, harmonious states of being and enhance shifts in their reality
  • Create the birth and beyond that are most precious to them

Utilizing all her trainings, experience, tools, such as EFT, TAT, and HM, her deep intuition and her experience communicating with babies, she helps mom and baby deeply attune, and experience going through their process and life in a conscious mutual relationship. Babies are non-locally included in session and processes.

To inquire and schedule an appointment, email Wendy directly.